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BRD3Television has greatly evolved in recent years, thanks to the increase in number of satellite channels that every year create thousands of house of original content. This content is distributed to broadcasters worldwide, in addition to other thousands of hours of existing catalogue programming that is available for distribution. To meet the challenges associated with the growing demand for content localization of television and evolving formats, Arkadia too has expanded and evolved by developing internal software and production techniques to allow for deliveries in record time. Our system offers important savings on production costs to the benefit of our clients, who are able to monitor the progress of their work in dedicated areas. Our facilities are equipped with the latest digital technology for recording, storing, transmitting and receiving content from all over the world. All this is protected by a solid security system that ensures the protection of your content.

CINE2The preparation of dubbed films for the cinema is one of the most difficult and challenging tasks of a film’s life cycle. One of the greatest challenges in the process is to preserve the artistic integrity of the film so that the public can appreciate it as originally intended by the director. Arkadia works with important art and dubbing directors that choose together with the customer which actors will then take part in the production. Our goal is to provide our customers with solutions ensuring the highest quality, privacy, security, respect for deadlines and contained production costs. We are equipped with the latest digital technologies for recording, storing, transmitting and receiving content around the whole world. All this is protected by a solid security system ensuring the protection of your content.

BRD4For more than 12 years Arkadia has localized content for the home video market. Quality and contained costs are the company’s greatest strengths. To keep pace with shortened timelines and global distribution Arkadia Group International has evolved technologically and built a global network of partners over the years in order to fulfill all client requests. Our network allows us to deliver and distribute content digitally in over 50 languages all over the world in the safely and efficiently. We are equipped with the latest digital technology for the recording, storage and transmission of data in one solid security system.

VGIn order for an interactive experience to be a good one, it has to transport you into another dimension. Whether it is for a game or a learning tool, our localization and translation services ensure the player can indulge in the game and experience the adventure. Arkadia is the perfect choice for your localization needs for your interactive game. Our mission is to maximize the potential of your game in any language with unparalleled technical and creative excellence. Arkadia offers a comprehensive suite of tools and technologies for the localization of video games on the following platforms:

* PC / Mac
* X-Box, Play-station, Nintendo, Gamestick, Ouya, Nividia Shield
* Next-Gen Console
* Portable and mobile devices
* online
* Blu-ray

Digital mediaFree or paid on-demand free programming is now the preferred way of consuming content globally, whether streaming, download or download streaming. Arkadia provides coding services on digital supports designed to simplify the preparation process of content for the worldwide digital distribution of content in a number of languages.


multimedia2Arkadia knows how important digital communication is today. In addition to providing localization services to major global media and entertainment companies, Arkadia offers a full suite of services for businesses that need visibility in their own territory and/or wish to enter into international markets. For this purpose Arkadia can provide translation of websites, business communication, advertising and electronic messaging. We can translate any text from any file including HTML, Java and XML and offer consulting services to help you design and implement localized websites in over 50 languages.

Music11Professional musicians, amateurs, record producers and independent companies come to Arkadia’s studios to record unpublished songs, make musical productions and pre-productions with the collaboration of well-known composers and music teachers. Our creative and technical teams bring experience and passion to the sessions to achieve the intended result. We develop production plans based on the needs of the customer to ensure that resources are optimized in all phases of production to reduce costs. We are able to provide strategic support plans for digital distribution of content.