Arkadia has over 12 years of experience as a provider of dubbing and voice-over services to the most important media companies around the world. The organization and the recording of a dubbed project requires highly-qualified staff to coordinate work and meet deadlines of each shift. Arkadia Group International has highly-experienced audio technicians, dubbing directors, adapters, actors and project managers. Our voice database is updated continually with voice samples. We regularly recruit talent and have a wide range of professionals to choose from in a global network. Talent is selected according to the actor’s ability to reproduce the tone, cadence and personality of the original character. Our customers have access to the database and can view project status, monitor progress and quality.

Arkadia offers a complete range of technical and artistic services for television and cinematic dubbing, live-action and animated films, multi-media projects, video games and interactive content, documentaries, commercials , training videos and high-quality internet video content. From the import, translation and adaptation of dialogue scripts to the casting, dubbing direction, recording, mixing and mastering.

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Voice-over dubbing is a production technique commonly applied to content that does not require audio synchronization with lip movement. After the script is translated the new dialogue is recorded on a separate track. The new dialogue does not completely replace the original audio, but is placed over it at a slightly higher volume that allows the viewer to hear and understand perfectly. Due to the increase in digital channels distributing voice-over content this localization technique is more widely used. It is far less complex than synchronous dubbing and requires less time and has lower production costs. Arkadia provides a complete range of technical and artistic services for the VOICE-OVER DUBBING of documentaries, reality shows, training videos, etc… From the translation and adaptation of the script to casting, dubbing direction, recording, mixing and digital transmission all over the world.

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Audio description is a different kind of audiovisual production where a narrative track is recorded containing a detailed description of what is happening on-screen or on-stage during the natural pauses of dialogue or sound in the film or show. The main objective is to provide accessibility to the visually-impaired audience that otherwise would not have full access or understanding of the non-audio content.

This service is commonly used for:

* Television

* Cinema

* Dance/Ballet

* Opera

* Visual art

* Museum exhibitions

* Tourist guides

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A subtitle is captioned text containing the transcription and sometimes translation of dialogue applied in overlay in films and television programs. Its purpose is to assist viewers who are deaf or hearing-impaired or unable to understand the original language of the content. This often represents the quickest and cheapest way to translate video content while maintaining the ability to fully appreciate the original content. It is usually displayed at the bottom of the screen and can contain the written translation of dialogue or on-screen written content.

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Localization is applied to a product that is sold on a special foreign market and completes the product itself with needed text or additional translations as well as cultural adaptation to the local territory. Our localization department provides translation services in more than 40 languages. Our offices manage every part of your project in order to ensure it meets the specifications of your target territory. Highly-qualified staff will take care of the adaptation of the translated texts that will be fully synchronized with the lip movement of the characters using words that perfectly match on-screen lip movement. We adapt your project according to the audience, transforming it so that it has the required characteristics for the territory in which it will be distributed. Localization is used for: videos, films, documentaries, video games, television advertising, publishing advertising, software, operating systems, applications, programs, websites, user manuals, medical and scientific publishing, labels of products sold on the international market.

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We compose unpublished music soundtracks and sound effects for films, video games, animation, short films and commercials. We re-make M&E “Music & Effects” tracks from scratch that are identical to the original that can be used for the application of new dialogues with original content in different languages.

Music is a powerful means of expression that allows to create special atmosphere. Its combination with images and sounds is fundamental to convey emotions, accentuate moods and highlight special situations. Our creative team prepares and proposes different solutions to the client and takes care of every detail to create the desired result.

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Audio restoration is a very delicate process to be performed with precision instruments. Our laboratories are equipped with all the equipment necessary for the elimination of background noises and disturbances such as clicks, crackles, hisses, humming and de-clips.

We work on disturbed and/or low-quality audio recordings in order to bring out the speech in a comprehensible way. Mastering is carried out at the end of each operation to give vitality to the restored tracks.

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Differences in audio levels between programs or programs and commercial breaks is a major annoyance for viewers. In our studio we ensure audio mastering of soundtracks and dialogues for television and cinema according to the standard levels (ITU-R BS.1770-2, EBU R-128 and ATSC A / 85) at -24 dBLKFS with tolerance + / – 1 dB LKFS Broadcast-Safe. We have Dolby LM100 Tools, the standard used by networks globally to monitor loudness limit thresholds.

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Mastering is the process of creating create the Master of a music album from the tracks obtained after mixing. The Master is the source from which all other versions or duplications will be made. With this process we optimize the sound performance of the songs in relation to the support on which the recording will be made, ensuring the best sound every time it is played.

The processing involves:

* Creation of track sequences and breaks.

* Volume leveling.

* Defect editing and reduction of background noises.

* Limitation of the dynamic peaks of the tracks.

* Compression and dynamic expansion.

* Regulation of the stereo image width.

* Ambience control.

* Fades at beginning/end of each piece.

* Dynamic and spectrun standardization of different tracks.

* Audio transfer into the final format of the Master.

We master with client monitoring, both on-site or remotely.

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Our studios have an ISDN network for remote recording. We are equipped with the best equipment used both by television network and film producers, like DOLBYFAX and SOURCE CONNECT.


* Remote recording.

* Long-distance session supervision.

* Remote recording and track addition.

We link-up and connect studios around the world.

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Arkadia produces all kinds of unpublished music and soundtracks, from classical to electronic music for film, video games, commercials, advertising and musical recordings. We put our passion at your service with the sole objective of creating original, high-level sound that appeals to the most demanding tastes and meets the most exacting requirements.

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Arkadia offers voice casting services to its customers. Our mission is to use the voice that best suits your project. You will find qualified personnel ready to provide targeted estimates for the best quality/price scenarios for your project. Dubbing voice actors that work regularly for us can be found in the « Dubbers » section. Arkadia also has a database of many other voices for your perusal. Thanks to our studios in New York and our global partners, we can also do voice-casting in any language.

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